Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2019 / 2020 para matemáticos de países en desarrollo (totalmente financiado y USD 5,000 / beneficiario)

Plazo de solicitud: diciembre 31st 2019

The International Mathematical Union Abel Visiting Scholar Program invite applications from mathematicians professionally based in developing countries to visit an international research collaborator for a period of one month –

In case the length of the visit exceeds one month, the candidate should provide evidence of financial support from the host institution to cover the living expenses beyond the first month.

The program is designed for post doctoral mathematicians in the early stages of their professional careers. It is designed to offer the opportunity for a ‘research sabbatical,’ a necessary complement to teaching and other academic duties for mathematicians desiring to also sustain a viable research program.


Los solicitantes deben

1. hold at the time of application a PhD en matemáticas,

2. be based in un país en desarrollo en el momento de la solicitud

3. ocupar un puesto en una universidad / institución de investigación

4. be in the early stages of their professional careers, more precisely: the applicants should

4. 1) todavía no tiene un rango de profesor completo, pero tiene un contrato de trabajo en una universidad / universidad

4. 2) estar bajo 40 años de edad en el día de la fecha límite de solicitud.

La edad máxima puede aumentarse hasta en tres años en el caso de una persona con un patrón de carrera roto.. Esto debe anotarse en la solicitud junto con la razón del patrón de carrera roto.

Las solicitudes de mujeres matemáticas son muy recomendables.

Grant Details:

La subvención puede cubrir for one month and only for the applicant up to 4,400 EUR (5,000 EUR):

  1. Gastos de viaje
    1. from the place of work of the applicant to that of the host to the extent of economy class airfare. The flight will be booked and directly paid by the IMU Secretariat.
    2. (Public) transport (surface transport by rail or bus between the nearest city where the airport is located and the headquarters of the candidate or the city/town where the host institution is located, if necessary). Maximum four (4) Taxi fares (on submission of receipts) may be allowed to travel between the home and the airport/railway station (upon arrival and departure).
    3. In case the applicant has to stay in a hotel before departure or upon arrival, this needs to be mentioned in the budget details. Maximum one (1) night (both arrival and departure) can be paid from the grant.
  2. Cargos de Visa
  3. Gastos de seguro de viaje
  4. Basic living cost (daily allowance based on living cost of the visiting country/city, This amount includes the cost for public transport and all other living costs). Para obtener una lista, vaya aquí. If the accommodation includes breakfast or any other meals, the daily amount will be reduced.
  5. Accommodation cost in the host country (hotel is allowed if the host provides a statement that no guesthouse or rented flat is available and max. 4 weeks. If you stay longer than 4 weeks you have to rent a suitable apartment or guesthouse). Receipts for cash payments for accommodation costs can not be accepted! You have to pay via a trackable transfer method.

All invoices for travel cost, visa, insurance, accommodation and up to four taxi receipts and all boarding tickets have to be kept by the grantee and be sent (original) to the CDC/ IMU Secretariat by regular mail.


Applications must be received at least four months before the desired starting date. The selection committee will review the applications and award fellowships every four months. The result is annouced on the Página de destinatarios de Abel Visit Scholar 2017.

Se aplican los siguientes plazos:

  • August 31, 2018 is for visits during January 1 XCHARX April 30, 2019
  • December 31, 2018 for visits between May 1 and August 31, 2019
  • April 1, 2019 for research visits between September 1, 2019 XCHARX December 31, 2019

If your application is not complete by the deadline, it cannot be considered for the evaluation round.

Please send your application at least one week in advance for us to review

Procedimiento de solicitud:

Cada aplicación debe incluir:

  1. la completado Formulario de solicitud en línea
  2. A curriculum vitae of applicant and host, including a list of recent publications (max. 3 pages each)
  3. Un plan de investigación para la visita
  4. Una invitación oficial de la institución del socio de investigación internacional
  5. Una carta de recomendación If the letter of recommendation is not written by the international research partner (the host), the application should include a statement from the host approving the research plan.
  6. Una copia del certificado de doctorado
  7. A statement about the current employment status/ position in the home institution signed and stamped by your employer. The statement should include the duration of your employment. Please use the template attached.
  8. Una estimación de presupuesto. Por favor, usa el Formulario de Presupuesto Tentativo. (para obtener más información, consulte "Apoyo financiero")
  9. A picture of you for our website (upload separately to the Online Application Form) (The picture will be published on our website (like this: https://www.mathunion.org/cdc/grants/research-travel-grants/abel-visiting-scholar-program/abel-visiting-scholar-2018) if the applicant is chosen, so PLEASE upload a NICE picture in good quality!)
  10. In case you are planning to stay for more than one month you must attached a proof of the matching funds for your living costs from the host institution

Please merge all required documents (except the picture of you) into one (1) PDF file and upload it in the Online Application Form.

Para más información:

Visite la página web oficial del programa de becarios visitantes de Abel 2019 / 2020


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