Accountability Lab SDG 16 innovation challenge 2019

Fecha límite de solicitud: enero 15th 2019

The Accountability Lab SDG 16 innovation challenge is an initiative to find creative solutions for SDG 16 on justice. The competition supports young men and women ages 15 – 35 years to develop ideas, build skills and connect with others working towards a shared goal of strengthening accountability, the rule of law and access to justice for Nigerians.

The SDG 16 innovation competition focuses on seven thematic areas (or research questions). The program design is focused on human-centered activities which will focus on engaging participants actively to foster a more holistic understanding of issues around accountability, rule of law and access to justice. Each focus group will focus on a specific problem area:

  • How can we make sure the most Gente vulnerable in Nigeria are included in the process of development?
  • How can we re-design the sistema de justicia to serve the poor?
  • How can we rethink citizen feedback mechanisms to improve service delivery?
  • How can young people enhance corporate and government accountability?
  • How can we increase women’s participation in governance?
  • How can we make sure everyone is included in conversations about the future of Nigeria?
  • How can we support the voices of women in the rule of law?

The top 40 ideas will be invited to a 3 day workshop in Abuja and Lagos respectively to further refine their concepts. The culmination of the campaign will be a pitch competition in front of a panel of judges, from which we will chose 2 winning ideas.

The winners will be eligible to further develop their ideas within Accountability Lab incubator; and posible financing from external partners

Para más información:

Visite la página web oficial de la Accountability Lab SDG 16 innovation challenge


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