Alltech Young Scientist (AYS) Competencia de Ciencias Agrícolas 2019 (Financiado por Alltech Young Scientist Discovery Week en Lexington, Kentucky, EE. UU.)

Application Deadline: 11:59 PM EDT, December 31, 2018

The Alltech Young Scientist (AYS) competition began in 2005 as an expression of Dr. Pearse Lyons’ passion for curiosity and innovation within education. As a scientist, he understood the challenges of research and the excitement that comes with breakthroughs that could solve real problems. Through the Alltech Young Scientist program, he hoped to create a closer connection between the classroom and the agricultural challenges occurring in the field and on the farm. Most importantly, he wanted to inspire and showcase the talents of university students who represent tomorrow’s solutions for our planet’s shared future.

The Alltech Young Scientist competition challenges the world’s brightest graduate students to apply their scientific expertise to challenges within the business of agriculture and food. They compete at the regional and global level by submitting scientific papers on topics within the area of agricultural science.

Through this competition, we aim to build a community of innovative agriscientists and encourage them to pursue careers in agriculture. Presently, we are furthering this mission through partnerships and research alliances with over 1,200 universities around the world.


  • The competition is now open exclusively to university graduate students (Master and Ph.D. level).

Fases de la competencia


Visite la página web Registration Center and complete the form to join the competition. Note our guidelines:

  1. Estrategias de alimentación animal y modelado
  2. Ciencia de Cultivos
  3. Métodos Analíticos de Agricultura
  4. Seguridad y trazabilidad de la cadena alimentaria
  5. Salud Humana y Nutrición
  6. Otro
Submit your paper.

Submit your research paper online by the deadline. Make sure your paper complies with all of the requirements noted above. To submit, haz clic aquí.

Alltech Young Scientist Discovery Week

Discovery Week includes:

  • Mentorship – Alltech scientists and professional experts share academic and career insights
  • Presentation Coaching – The Alltech team will help finalists practice their presentations and offer valuable advice
  • Global Competition – Finalists present their research in front of a panel of international judges and audience members
  • UNO: The Alltech Ideas Conference – Learning and networking opportunity with over 3000 people from around the world, interaction with the press and media, and friendships and experiences to last a lifetime!
Regional Competition*

Students first compete within their home region.
We identify four regions globally: North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe/Africa.
The top students from each region are awarded with cash prizes and certificates.
The 1st place winner from each region advances to the Global Competition and is referred to as an ‘AYS finalist’.

Premio Regional 1st Place

Graduado = $ 2000 en efectivo USD

Premio regional 2nd Place

Graduado = $ 1000 en efectivo USD

* La estructura de los ganadores está sujeta a cambios a discreción de Alltech sin previo aviso.

Global finals!

The AYS finalists from all four regions are invited to attend an all-expense-paid Discovery Week in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. This trip includes mentoring sessions with Alltech scientists, the global competition and the opportunity to attend ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference. Each finalist will present his/her paper in front of a panel of judges and the global winner will be announced on stage during the conference.

Global Graduate 1st Place Prize

$ 10,000 Cash USD

Fecha límite de inscripción 11:59 PM EDT, December 31, 2018
Fecha límite de presentación en papel 11:59 PM EDT, January 31, 2019
Regional Award Deadline Marzo - Abril 2019
Global Competition/Discovery Week Mayo 2019

Para más información:

Visite la página web oficial de Alltech Young Scientist (AYS) Competencia Agrícola 2019


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