Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2019 Essay Competition & Travel Fellowship -USD$ 25,000 Prize)

Plazo de solicitud: 1 de noviembre de 2018

The Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2019 Essay Prize Competition

Un concurso de ensayos en Tres etapas abiertas a todos los estudiantes actuales de tiempo completo registrados en un programa de grado de arquitectura de pregrado, estudiantes de pregrado en arquitectura, o estudiantes de diploma en escuelas acreditadas de arquitectura en todo el mundo. 25,000USD Bolso.

El Premio de Pregrado de Berkeley para la dotación de Excelencia en el Diseño was established in the Department of Architecture at the Universidad de California, Berkeley College of Environmental Design to promote the investigation of architecture as a social art. Each year the PRIZE Committee selects a topic important to the understanding of the interaction of people and the built world that becomes the focus of the Essay Competition.

The Committee poses a Question on this website related to the topic. Students enrolled in any accredited undergraduate architecture program or diploma in architecture program throughout the world are invited to submit a 500-word essay proposal in English responding to the Question (ver requisitos de elegibilidad). Undergraduate architecture students may team up with undergraduates from allied arts and social sciences programs.

Pregunta de ensayo


What have architects done in the past and what can they do in the future to help reduce the negative effects of climate and climate change?


Etapa 1: Entrar

Pasos para entrar

  1. Cumplir con los requisitos de elegibilidad.
  2. Escriba una propuesta de palabras 500 para un ensayo sobre la Pregunta de ensayo de este año, tal como se publicó.
  3. Provide one photograph each of your chosen projects.
  4. Presente el ensayo y las fotografías en línea.


  1. La competencia está abierta a todos los estudiantes actuales de tiempo completo registrados en un programa de licenciatura en arquitectura o estudiantes de pregrado en arquitectura en escuelas acreditadas de arquitectura en todo el mundo. Diploma en estudiantes de Arquitectura que aún no han completado su Diploma también son elegibles.
  2. Los ensayos deben enviarse en inglés.
  3. Los finalistas deberán presentar un comprobante de la inscripción actual en forma de copias de las transcripciones escolares reales. Todavía eres elegible para competir si fueras un estudiante de pregrado en 15 de Septiembre de 2018, pero gradúese antes de que se otorguen los premios.

En equipo

Dos estudiantes (máximo) que cumplan con los requisitos de elegibilidad anteriores pueden colaborar como autores. Un estudiante de arquitectura puede asociarse con otro estudiante universitario en arquitectura, arquitectura paisajista, estudios urbanos, artes y humanidades, ciencias sociales o ingeniería. Si dos estudiantes colaboran, ambos nombres deben aparecer en su ensayo y si se les otorga un premio, el premio se debe compartir por igual.

Requisito de fotografía

You are asked to include digital photographs of your two selected buildings with your essay. The photographs should be at a minimum 500 pixels wide, and in .jpg format. No more than two photographs will be accepted. You can use a digital camera, a film camera (and scan the printed image), or capture the image on a cell phone. The photographs should be as informative as possible in order to enable those reading the essays to determine how well you have described your subject matter.


  • There is a total prize of 25,000USD, minimum 7,500USD first prize.
  • The remaining purse is to be allocated at the discretion of the Jury.

The The Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Design Excellence endowment 2019 Travel Fellowship Competition

This opportunity is open to each student who placed as a semifinalist in the 2019 BERKELEY PRIZE Essay Competition.


Semifinalists who select to compete for a Travel Fellowship are invited to submit proposals demonstrating how they would use the opportunity to travel to an architecturally-significant destination, preferably to participate in a hands-on, service-oriented situation. This is an exciting opportunity to explore a different part of the world and to participate in an organized project that will assist the winner in gaining a deeper understanding of the social art of architecture.

Beca de viaje candidates are asked to submit a proposal for a specific plan of travel and study away from their academic institution during their Summer break for 2019. The Beca de viaje proporciona un estipendio fijo adecuado para pagar un pasaje aéreo ida y vuelta desde la ciudad en la que está estudiando hasta el destino y viceversa, y para pagar alojamiento, comida y gastos imprevistos durante su estadía, normalmente durante tres semanas.

Los requisitos para the Travel Fellowship Proposals are open-ended. The BERKELEY PRIZE Committee looks for both an understanding of the opportunity that is offered and an understanding of the possible ways in which the student’s research into the current year’s PRIZE topic might be furthered by the travel opportunity.

The winning student(s) will be asked to write a Report on their travels that will be posted on the BERKELEY PRIZE website. Students are also asked to keep a photo diary of their time spent traveling, portions of which will also be posted on the website.


Here are the ground rules:

1) Your Proposal must be for participation in a program, conference, or specific project organized by an academic, institutional, or governmental or non-governmental social organization outside of your school.

2) The purpose of your project is to further your understanding of the social art of architecture by allowing you to study first-hand some aspect of this year’s topic you have identified in this year’s BERKELEY PRIZE Essay submittal.

3) U.S. CITIZENS NOTE: Proposals may not be made to visit or study in countries with adverse travel advisories as issued by the United States Department of State. For all students, the BERKELEY PRIZE will not fund travel to countries currently in armed conflict.

4) You must be able to procure a visa for the selected destination. This will need to be confirmed prior to submittal of funds.

5) Travel must occur in the summer of 2019 during your academic institution’s summer break (Northern Hemisphere schools), or in the winter of 2019 (Southern Hemisphere schools).

Requisitos de presentación:

1) A 1250-word Proposal to include:

(a) A description of the program and a persuasive argument why this program will benefit your education;

(b) An itinerary for the entire period of travel; and

(c) A budget covering all anticipated expenses, including any program fees.

2) Reference to published material regarding the program, preferably a web site address that includes the name of a contact person.

3) A letter of recommendation from a Faculty member in your academic institution who is familiar with your Proposal and who will confirm that your Proposal is suited to your abilities.

4) Prior to receiving any funding, you will be asked to submit a travel Indemnification form provided by the BERKELEY PRIZE and a letter confirming that you are in adequate health to undertake the travel you propose. (NOTE: The BERKELEY PRIZE will pay for a one-time, health insurance policy for the length of your travel.)


1) The BERKELEY PRIZE will provide a fixed stipend of USD3700 for each Beca de viaje that is awarded. Winning students whose budgets exceed the prize limit will be asked to prove that they have the additional funds needed to fully complete their proposed itinerary.

2) The award is provisional, based upon your ability to provide the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee with the required details and documents related to your Proposal for your travel and study program.



Línea de tiempo:

15 de Septiembre de 2018 Lanzamiento de 2019 Essay Competition.
1 de noviembre de 2018 (Etapa uno) Propuesta de ensayo de palabras 500 debido.
A mediados de diciembre, 2018 Ensayos semifinalistas anunciados.
1 de febrero de 2019 (Etapa dos) Ensayos de palabras 2,500 de semifinalistas del ensayo debido.
8 de febrero de 2019 Lanzamiento de la Competencia Travel Fellowship para Essay Semifinalists.
A principios de marzo, 2019 Finalistas del ensayo anunciados.
12 de marzo de 2019 Las solicitudes de becas de viaje se deben.
A mediados de abril, 2019 Se anuncian ganadores de ensayos y ganadores de la beca de viaje.

Para más información:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2019 Essay Competition & Travel Fellowship


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