Convocatoria de solicitud: fondo de libertad de Internet del Fondo de Tecnología 2018 / 2019

Plazo de solicitud: julio 1st 2018

El Fondo de Libertad de Internet es la principal forma de OTF de apoyar proyectos y personas que trabajan en proyectos abiertos y accesibles centrados en la tecnología que promueven los derechos humanos, la libertad de Internet, sociedades abiertas y ayuda a promover el acceso inclusivo y seguro a redes de comunicaciones globales para usuarios en riesgo, incluidos periodistas, derechos humanos defensores, activistas de la sociedad civil y personas de todos los días que viven en entornos represivos que desean hablar libremente en línea.

Preparando el escenario

Through the Internet Freedom Fund, OTF strives to uphold and increase capacity for individuals, organizations, and companies who support technology-centered efforts that aim to strengthen internet freedom and promote human rights by circumventing repressive censorship and surveillance, improving related digital security capabilities, and contributing to the overall health of the internet.

Ideal Internet Freedom Fund applicants are:

  • Open in nature and collaborative;
  • From within communities affected by censorship or are co-designing and co-developing with them;
  • Promoting a deeper understanding of internet freedom challenges and limitations;
  • Solving a currently unaddressed challenge or preempting an emerging one; and/or
  • Are actively maintaining technologies demanded and utilized by people on the front lines of the world’s most repressive environments.

Ideal applications for this fund are focused on:

  • Creating new open source circumvention technologies that fill a current need of targeted users;
  • Improving the security, usability, and adoptability of existing open source internet freedom technologies;
  • Providing new or deeper insights into the challenges of front-line communities that ultimately contribute to the improvement of technological solutions;
  • Projects that emphasize applied research;
  • Research that focuses on real-time monitoring and analysis of both technical and political threats to internet freedom, including network interference and shutdowns;
  • New content redistribution methods able to reintroduce content behind firewalls, or similar services;
  • Making targeted communities more resilient to digital attacks via customized solutions;
  • Creating new open source circumvention technologies that fill a current need of targeted users;
  • Next-generation tools that move beyond traditional “cat-and-mouse” circumvention techniques;

Ideal applications adhere to the following:

  • Los candidatos pueden solicitar hasta $ 900,000 y no menos de $ 10,000 por un contrato de un año. Sin embargo, tenga en cuenta que el techo de soporte objetivo de OTF es $ 300,000, y la mayoría de los esfuerzos compatibles reciben entre $ 50,000 y $ 200,000. Se puede encontrar más información sobre los niveles previos de soporte de OTF en nuestra Informes anuales.
  • Preference is given to organizations and individuals without a history of prior support, and who have a deep understanding of the surveillance, censorship and security issues affecting communities from the Global South living in repressive environments.
  • Strong priority goes to projects with the potential for immediate impact and long-term sustainability, and that make intellectual property publicly available via open licensing and open source code.
  • OTF highly values projects that incorporate collaborative partnerships with other organizations and/or individuals within the internet freedom community or their respective area of focus.

Proceso de solicitud

Presentar una nota conceptual is always the first step to getting the process started. If your concept note is accepted, you will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Para un resumen completo de los criterios de proyecto deseados y el proceso de solicitud, diríjase a aquí..

Para mayor información:

Visite la página web oficial del Fondo de Libertad de Internet del Open Technology Fund


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