CLIFF-GRADS scholarships 2019 for PhD students from developing countries in Agriculture XCHARX Climate change mitigation (12,000 USD in funding)

Plazo de solicitud: Septiembre 30, 2018

The CLIFF-GRADS program invites applications from students from developing countries(1) currently enrolled in PhD programs for short-term scientific training and research stays on topics related to the measurement and management of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon storage in agricultural systems.

Applicants should have a background in agriculture and climate change research and be pursuing graduate research related to agricultural greenhouse gas quantification.

Selected students will be sponsored in the amount of 10,000-12,000 USD for short-term (4–6 month) scientific training and research stays to collaborate with projects associated with CCAFS y GRA. Specific topics will depend on student and host institution scientist interests. A list of projects seeking to host students is included in the attached call for proposals under “List of research opportunities.”

The grants will be used to support travel to and living and research costs at the host institution. Grants may not be used for tuition or unrelated personal expenses.

CLIFF-GRADS is a joint initiative of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change (CCAFS) Low Emissions Development Flagship y the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA). CLIFF-GRADS aims to build the capability of early career agriculture students in developing countries to conduct applied research on climate change mitigation in agriculture.


  • Applicants must be currently enrolled PhD students in a field related to quantification of greenhouse gas emissions or carbon sequestration in agricultural systems
  • Applicants must be students from a developing country1

Requirements of grant recipients

  • Grant money should be used to finance the short-term scientific visit, including living and research costs at the host institution and all costs associated with that research, including travel, housing, meals, and research materials and services. Funding is not to be used for tuition, fees, or unrelated personal costs
  • Scientific visits must take place during 2019
  • Each CLIFF-GRADS recipient will work directly with a research supervisor at the host institute. The activities to be conducted by the student and a budget for the scientific visit will be agreed upon between the student and research supervisor in a Managed Contract
  • The research supervisors will assess the quality of the CLIFF-GRADS recipient’s science performance and monitor the achievement of milestones and deliverables set out in the Managed Contract
  • At the end of the research stay, the CLIFF-GRADS student will submit a Final Report describing the activities undertaken. Final payment to the CLIFF-GRADS recipient is dependent on this Final Report being approved by CCAFS and GRA.

Requerimientos de aplicacion

The application must include the following documents merged into one pdf file:

  • 1-2 page motivation letter (described below)
  • 1-page curriculum vitae that includes your contact details
  • Letter of support from your university supervisor
  • All applications must be in English

The motivation letter, which must be no more than two A4 pages, must incluir lo siguiente:

  1. Your name, citizenship and the country where you are conducting your graduate study
  2. The objectives of your graduate research
  3. The specific research opportunity (number and title) to which you are applying (see lista). If you are interested in more than one research opportunity, please list your preferred research opportunities (up to 3) in order of preference.
  4. Your research experience with greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture or soil carbon storage in agricultural systems, as relevant to the research opportunity for which you are applying
  5. A description of how scientific training with CCAFS/GRA scientists will improve your graduate research

Más información

Llamar para propuestas, including list of research opportunities.

Para más información:

Visit the Official Webpage of the CLIFF-GRADS scholarships 2019



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