EnerTracks Training Programme 2019 for Climate XCHARX Energy Enthusiasts from Developing Countries (Fully Funded to Berlin, Germany)

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Informed specialists play a crucial role in tackling global climate issues and shaping tomorrows energy systems. To foster international expertise on how to domestically address the energy transformation in low- and middle-income countries, Agora Energiewende en cooperación con el Renewables Academy (RENAC) has developed a training programme: EnerTracks.

EnerTracks encourages independent thought and supports institutions working in the field of energy transformation worldwide. This training programme provides important insights into the many facets of what it means to promote the transformation of the energy systems. Participants can learn directly from Agora Energiewende experts, join study tours and discussions with key German energy stakeholders, and receive tailored online courses. The aim of the programme is to enhance the expertise of climate and energy transformation specialists for a sustainable tomorrow.

EnerTracks is made up of the following three training paths, which can be combined or taken individually:

The Fellowship Programme

A multi-disciplinary approach on how to tackle climate change and the energy transformation globally through practical lessons, academic training and one-on-one coaching.

A small group of four to six fellows is invited to come to the Agora Energiewende office in Berlin, Germany. Over the course of six weeks, the fellows have the unique opportunity to learn directly from in-house energy experts on why, how and when an independent organisation can support the energy transformation.


Individuals with nationalities from eligible countries (List of Eligible Countries) currently employed and working in the power sector for non-governmental and not-for-profit organisations, civil society organisations or in academics.

Individuals with nationalities from eligible countries (List of Eligible Countries) currently employed and working in the power sector for non-governmental and not-for-profit organisations, civil society organisations or in academics.


  • Study Group 1: 8 abril - 19, 2019
  • Study Group 2: 24 junio - Julio 5, 2019
  • Study Group 3: Octubre 7 - 18, 2019
  • Study Group 4: Que se anunciará

To learn more about the programme and the application period please check back in February 2019.

The online learning modules developed by RENAC offer participants the opportunity to uncover important topics about the energy transformation at their own pace. These courses are designed for all levels, providing introductory as well as advanced courses around the political, economic, and technical aspects related to the transformation of energy systems.

Quién puede aplicar

Nationals of eligible countries (List of Eligible Countries) currently working in the energy sector and willing to work on decarbonisation.



Each fellow participates in the training sessions that are prepared and held by Agora Energiewende energy experts in Berlin, Germany. These sessions cover a variety of topics such as energy markets, least-cost planning, and research methodologies, among others (see full course list aquí). Supplemental online and reading material as well as group discussions complement each of these sessions.

Furthermore, fellows also benefit from one-to-one mentoring from Agora Energiewende experts. With the support of their mentor, each fellow tackles one specific transformation topic that they choose in advance. The topic should be relevant from the perspective of the fellow’s own organisation, with the intention of transferring the achievements into their domestic work.

  • 40 hours of teaching sessions (see course list here: EnerTracks Fellowship Course List)
  • 40 hours individual reading in preparation for each session
  • 10 hours of one-on-one mentoring
  • 10 study tours in and around Berlin, including executive leadership seminars at the LEAD Academy, focused field visits, seminars, and discussions with key German stakeholders
  • Access to the EnerTracks alumni network
  • Financial support, including a travel grant, fully-covered living accommodations, fully-covered transportation tickets, a daily stipend for food, and available office space


  • Fellow Group 1: 1 abril - mayo 10, 2019
    Plazo de solicitud: 3 de febrero de 2019
  • Fellow Group 2: May XCHARX July 2019
    Application Deadline: To be announced
  • Fellow Group 3: Septiembre - Octubre 2019
    Application Deadline: To be announced
  • Fellow Group 4: Que se anunciaráApplication Deadline: To be announced

Para más información:

Visit the Official Webpage of the EnerTracks Training Programme 2019


  1. ayant fini en licence en énergies renouvelables, je souhaite poursuivre le reste de mes études dans un autre pays parce que dans mon pays le niveau s’arrête à la licence, mais tout est devenu presque impossible puisque les moyens font défauts. S’il vous plait aidez moi à y arriver à mon rêve.


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