Facebook request for proposals : Computer Vision for Global Challenges

Plazo de solicitud: Monday, April 29 at 5:00 pm PST.

Facebook is calling for proposals for pilot and early-stage research that extends computer vision technologies in developing countries1. Facebook specifically seek projects that address the technical challenges impeding computer vision in these contexts, including data and hardware limitations and better integration of new information sources, such as high-resolution satellite imagery.

Competitive applications will similarly leverage computer vision to achieve global development priorities, especially those captured in the United Nations Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible. Illustrative computer vision applications for delivering this type of social impact include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Extensión agrícola: better informing smallholders about crop health, pest control, livestock illnesses, or soil fertility
  • Servicios de salud: Mejora de diagnósticos, dietética, agua o saneamiento.
  • Calidad de la educación: herramientas para mejorar el acceso a la información sin requerir altos niveles de alfabetización o habilidades lingüísticas
  • Infraestructura e industria sostenible: Mejora de la maquinaria de fábrica o entrenamiento para aumentar la seguridad, trabajos o producción. Innovaciones en el transporte para beneficio ambiental y humano.
  • Ayuda ante desastres y acción climática: información visual para los socorristas ante incendios, inundaciones u otros desastres naturales. Tecnologías para gestionar o mitigar el cambio ambiental.

Facebook aims to support projects that align with our mission, past research, open source tools and state-of-the-art algorithms. Awards will be made in amounts ranging from $20,000 to $40,000 for projects up to 6 months in duration.

We encourage proposals from teams that include institutions, researchers and non-profits in developing regions.

1 For the purposes of this RFP, we define “developing countries” as the low and middle-income economies designated by the World Bank.

Las propuestas deben incluir

  • Un resumen del proyecto (1-2 pages) explaining the area of focus, conceptual and methodological distinction between the pilot study and any future follow-on studies, a description of techniques, the research’s applicability to Facebook, a timeline with milestones and expected outcomes
  • Una descripción del presupuesto (Página 1) que incluye un costo aproximado del premio y una explicación de cómo se gastarán los fondos
  • Curriculum vitae para todos los participantes clave del proyecto
  • Detalles de la organizacion; Esto incluirá información fiscal y detalles de contacto administrativo.


This opportunity is open to applicants worldwide from academic and/or research institutions that are eligible for research funding. This includes individual researchers addressing a well-defined problem, or multiple university departments. We encourage emerging scholars to apply.

Las disposiciones adicionales se enumeran a continuación.

  • Awards must comply with applicable US and international laws, regulations and policies
  • Los solicitantes deben ser el investigador principal en cualquier premio resultante
  • Los solicitantes pueden presentar una propuesta por solicitud
  • Organizations must be a nonprofit or non-governmental organization with recognized legal status in their respective country (equal to 501(c)(3) status under the United States Internal Revenue Code).

Tiempo y fechas

  • Applications are now open. Deadline to apply is Monday, April 29 at 5:00 pm PST.
  • Notifications will be sent by email to applicants in June and the award winners will be announced during the Computer Vision for Global Challenges Taller en CVPR ‘19.

Información adicional

This RFP is launched in conjunction with Computer Vision for Global Challenges (CV4GC), a multi-stakeholder initiative to bring the computer vision community closer to socially impactful tasks, datasets and applications. CV4GC will convene a workshop at 2019 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition to be held in Long Beach, California June 16–21. Successful applicants may be invited to join this workshop and present their projects; however, proposals do not need to include conference travel costs.

For additional questions related to this RFP, please email Andrew Westbury at book.equilibrium@gmail.com .

Para más información:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Facebook Computer Vision for Global Challenges


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