Beca del gobierno japonés (MEXT) 2019 para jóvenes estudiantes de capacitación docente nigerianos (con financiación completa en Japón)

Fecha límite de solicitud: enero 31, 2019

The Embassy of Japan is pleased to inform you that the Government of Japan will provide scholarship for Nigerian Primary/Secondary school teachers who desire to take teacher training course and Japanese language training in Japan.

The Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship
is open to graduates of universities and teachers training colleges no more than thirty-four (34) years of age (must be born on or after April 2, 1984), who have taught as teachers at primary/secondary schools or teacher training colleges for at least five years in their home countries at the time of application. The Embassy will like to use this opportunity to attract Nigerian Schools that wish to start Japanese Language class or course at their school. Beneficiaries shall upon their return, help to promote Japanese Language education in Nigeria.


MEXT acepta solicitudes de estudiantes internacionales para estudiar en Japón que cumplan con los siguientes requisitos y condiciones. Su objetivo es fomentar los recursos humanos que se convertirán en puentes de amistad entre el país del concesionario y Japón a través del estudio en Japón y que contribuirán al desarrollo de ambos países y del mundo en general.

(1) Nationality:

Applicants must have the nationality of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan. An applicant who has Japanese nationality at the time of application is not eligible. However, persons with dual nationality who hold Japanese nationality and whose place of residence at the time of application is outside of Japan are eligible to apply as long as they choose the nationality of the other country and renounce their Japanese nationality by the date of their arrival in Japan. The First Screening must be conducted at the Japanese diplomatic mission in the country of which the applicant chooses the nationality.

(2) Age: Applicants must be born on or after April 2, 1984. Exceptions are limited to cases in which MEXT deems that the applicant could not apply within the eligible age limit due to the situation or circumstances of the applicant’s country (military service obligation, loss of educational opportunities due to disturbances of war, etc.). Personal circumstances (financial situation, family circumstances, state of health, circumstances related to applicant’s university or place of employment etc.) will not be considered for exceptions.

(3) Academic and Career Background:

Applicants must be graduates of universities or teacher training schools and have worked as teachers at primary/secondary educational institutions or teacher training schools (excluding universities) in their home countries for a total period of five years or more as of October 1, 2019. In-service faculty members in a higher education institution are not eligible.

(4) Japanese Language Ability:

Applicants must be willing to learn Japanese. Applicants must be interested in Japan and be willing to deepen their understanding of Japan after arriving in Japan. Applicants must also have the ability to do research and adapt to living in Japan.

(5) Health:

Los solicitantes deben presentar un certificado de salud en el formato prescrito firmado por un médico que acredite que el solicitante no tiene ninguna condición física o mental que obstaculice el estudio del solicitante en Japón.

(6) Arrival in Japan:

In principle, applicants must be able to arrive in Japan by the designated period (usually September or October) between the day two weeks before the course starts and the starting date of the course. If the applicant cannot arrive in Japan during the specified period for personal reasons, travel expenses to Japan will not be paid. Excluding cases in which MEXT deems as unavoidable circumstances, the applicant must withdraw from this scholarship program if the applicant cannot arrive in Japan by the end of the specified period above which decided by MEXT or the accepting university.


(1) Allowance: 143,000 yen per month. A supplemental regional allowance of 2,000 or 3,000 yen per month will be added to the monthly scholarship amount for the grantees studying or conducting research in specially designated regions. Due to the situation of the Japanese Government’s budget, the amount of payment may be subject to change each fiscal year. If a grantee is absent from the university for an extended period, the scholarship shall be suspended for that period.

(2) Education Fees: Fees for the entrance examination, matriculation and tuition at universities will be paid by MEXT.

(3) Travel Expenses ①Transportation to Japan: In principle, MEXT stipulates the travel schedule and route, and provides an economy-class airline ticket for the flight from the international airport closest to the grantee’s residence (in principle, the country of nationality) to an international airport in Japan used on the normal route to the accepting university. The grantee shall bear at his/her own expense all costs related to domestic travel from the grantee’s residence to the nearest international airport, airport taxes, airport usage fees, special taxes necessary for travel, travel expenses within Japan (including airline transit costs), travel insurance expenses, carry-on luggage or unaccompanied baggage expenses, etc.

Transportation from Japan: Based on the application by the grantee, MEXT will provide an airline ticket to grantees who shall complete the training course at the accepting university and return to the home country by the end of the final month of the scholarship period (See “3. PERIOD OF SCHOLARSHIP”) designated by MEXT. MEXT, in principle, shall provide an economy-class airline ticket from an international airport in Japan used for the normal route to and from the accepting university to the international airport (inprinciple, in the country of nationality) nearest to the returning grantee’s residence.

For guidelines and application forms please click :, to get the form online, or come to the Embassy at the address below.

Closing date for submission of application: January 31, 2019
No. 9 Bobo Street (off Gana Street), Maitama, Abuja
Telephone: 090 6000 9019, 090 6000 9099
Embassy working hours: (Mon to Thurs) 8:00am to 5:30pm, (Fri) 8:00am to 12:45pm

Para más información:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship 2019


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