Johnson & Johnson/THET Africa Grants Programme (AGP) 2019/2020 for health workers in developing countries

Plazo de solicitud: febrero 28th 2019

THET is pleased to announce a third round of grants under the Programa de subvenciones de África (AGP) with support from Johnson & Johnson.

The AGP supports the training of health workers in low- and middle-income countries, through engaging established partnerships between health organisations in the UK and Ireland and their counterparts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

THET welcomes grant applications to strengthen the healthcare workforce in one of the following two areas:

Stream 1: Essential Surgical and Anaesthetic Care

This stream will focus on reducing morbidity and mortality from conditions requiring essential surgical intervention and/or enhancing patient safety as a result of improved anaesthetic care through the training of relevant health workers. The aim of this stream is to improve the access to, and availability of, quality surgery and/or anaesthetic care (particularly for maternal, neonatal or paediatric surgical conditions).

Stream 2: Community Healthcare

This stream will focus on increasing the availability and quality of essential healthcare (including attended births) and health information to underserved populations, particularly women and children, by training those who work and serve in the community. The stream will focus on the training of cadres working in the community (Clinical Officers, Community Health Workers, etc.), which is in line with the national strategy and policies in-country. Partners will work at the rural and district level, outside of the central hospital systems.

Funding Available and Application Details

Grants are available from £15,000 up to a maximum of £50,000. All funded projects are expected to last between 6 and 16 months. Project activities can be implemented from May 2019 until August 2020.

Geographic focus

There are 13 priority countries for this round of the AGP.

Costa de Marfil
Somalia(including Somaliland)

Requisitos de elegibilidad:

The core requirements for the AGP2019-20 areas follows:

Grant recipients must be eligible organisation sunder this programme
Applications must be made by eligible partnerships under this programme
Los proyectos deben ajustarse a los parámetros de la secuencia 1 o la secuencia 2, como se describe anteriormente
Los presupuestos del proyecto no pueden exceder £ 50,0003
Projects must operate within LMICs in Sub-Saharan Africa,preferably in the countries noted above
Las solicitudes deben enviarse en inglés


AGP financiará:

Costos de capacitación y talleres, por ejemplo, costos de locales, refrigerios y materiales de capacitación (pero no viáticos, ver más abajo)
National and International economy class travel only. For environmental reasons, travel for international trips of 3 days or less will not be funded
Travel and associated costs, e.g. travel insurance(if not already covered by a central institution policy),accommodation, subsistence,visas and vaccinations
Activity communication costs (cost related to activity overseas)e.g. teleconferencing, telephone and eLearning
Publicaciones y desarrollo de páginas web
Equipo hasta un máximo de 20% del presupuesto total de la subvención (esto incluye equipos médicos y de oficina)
Project management costs.

This can include project staff salary contributions for part or full time posts required to deliver the project within the set project period. THET would not expect this to ever exceed 20% of the total budget and this will form a key component of the value for money assessment of grant applications. Communication around management, e.g. telephone and internet costs, office costs and administrative support is included here

La consultoría cuesta hasta 5% del presupuesto total. THET esperaría que expertos voluntarios entreguen su experiencia técnica

Monitoring and evaluation costs. THET would expect this to form 5 –20% of your budget

Contingency up to 1.5% of the total budget,to factor in exchange rate variances and/or bank charges

Cómo aplicar:

Download and read all of the following documents:

Llamada para aplicaciones


Solicitud de subvención


Budget Template.

Please also download the Q&A document for important information and examples on how to complete your application.

The Grant Application Form and Budget Template should be completed and submitted, along with letters of support from each of the lead partner institutions and any managing partners, in one email to by midnight 28th 2019 febrero.

Para más información:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Johnson & Johnson/THET Africa Grants Programme (AGP) 2019/2020


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