Mastercard Start Path Global 2018 para nuevas startups innovadoras en todo el mundo

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  1. [XCHARX] Start Path Global is Mastercard’s worldwide program for innovative later stage startups from across the globe.Since 2014, the Start Path Global have been working with an ever growing portfolio of startups with unique solutions across fintech and commerce. Start Path Global is based on what has worked best for our portfolio of startups: more flexibility, more customization, and no distractions from your current business.Please apply today to be considered for the wave kicking off in early 2019. We will contact you in the new year with an update on your application. Although we are global, we operate in English so please submit your application in English.Key features of the program:⚭ Six month virtual program tailored to the individual needs of your company⚭ No need to move from your home location⚭ No equity is taken up front (but an option to participate in your next round)⚭ Immediate access to 60+ Mastercard experts⚭ Connections to potential customers XCHARX global corporate brands spanning banking, retail, tech and telecoms⚭ Funds provided so that you have no out of pocket expensesMastercard Start Path Global work with later stage startups in the broad fintech and commerce space that fit these criteria:❖ Solution XCHARX Demonstrated commercial traction, clear product differentiation and competitive advantage.❖ Market XCHARX Solving real pain points for your customers, targeting a sizable market.❖ Team XCHARX Strong founder team with key roles established, experienced entrepreneurs and/or track record of relevant industry expertise. ❖ Funding XCHARX Investment raised (seed, Series A, or later) with at least 6-12 month runway, plans to raise next institutional round in the next 18th months.❖ Attitude XCHARX Global mentality, open to opportunity and mentoring [XCHARX]


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