The Department of Environmental Affairs’ (DEA) Undergraduate & Postgraduate bursaries 2019 for young South Africans

Plazo de solicitud: 09 November 2018.

The department offers bursaries to previously disadvantage South African citizens; the purpose of the programme is to establish an effective system for continuous development of qualified candidates for future appointments and mobility in both the public and private sector.


The Department of Environmental Affairs’ (DEA) programme seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance youth development
  • Develop a culture of high quality lifelong learning within Department of Environmental Affairs

Procedimiento de solicitud:

Consideration will be given to previously disadvantaged and people with disability who are South African citizens and have successfully completed their first year of undergraduate study or those who are currently registered for postgraduate studies. However, strongly motivated applications from first-year students within the above mentioned fields of study will also be considered. The maximum amount of the bursary is R40 000.00

All applications should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Motivation as to why the bursary should be awarded to you.
  • Certified copies of qualifications and recent academic records
  • Certified copies of Identity Document (Applicant and the both parents or guardian)
  • Acceptance letter from first year students
  • Proof of registration (if already enrolled with the institution of higher learning)
  • Proof of parents or guardian’s income
  • Debe ser un ciudadano sudafricano
  • Proof if parents are deceased
  • Affidavit if parents are not working

Campos de estudio:

Biodiversity and Conservation (Ref: BC/01/2019)
  • BSc / B-Tech / MTech / Honours / Masters / Postgraduate / PhD Biological Sciences; Microbiology; Plant Pathology; Molecular Biology and Genetics)
  • BSc / B-Tech /M-Tech / Honours / Masters / Postgraduate / PhD (Environmental Management; Geography; Biological Sciences and Climatology)
  • ND / Bachelor’sdegree / BTech / MTech / Honours /Masters / Postgraduate / PhD Environmental Science / Management, Geography, Town and Regional Planning, Development Studies, Soil Sciences, or Natural Sciences; Aquatic health
  • Bachelor of Science / B-Tech / M-Tech / Honours / Masters / Post-graduate /PhD (Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Environmental Management, Environmental Planning)
  • Bachelor of Science / BTech / MTech / Honours / Masters / Postgraduate / PhD (Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Botany, Zoology Conservation management and Biodiversity conservation)
  • Bachelor’s degree / National Diploma / BTech / MTech / Honours / Masters / Postgraduate / PhD in Environmental Science/Management, Geography, Town and Regional Planning, Development Studies, Soil Sciences, or Natural Sciences
  • National Diploma, B-Tech/Bcom, Honours, Masters/MBA Resource Economics (Ecology, CBNRM, business management & administration)
  • Diploma, BA social sciences, Honours, Masters Social sciences (community)
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Honours, Masters Zoology / Ecology / Environmental Conservation
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Honours, Masters BHCS Heritage and Cultural Studies
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Honours, Masters Cultural and Natural Resource Management
  • National Diploma, Degree, Honours, Masters BSc Nature Conservation
Gestión de residuos y productos químicos (Ref: CWM / 01 / 2019)
  • ND / B Degree / Hons / MSc / MTech Environmental Science
  • B Degree / Honours / MSc / MTech Environmental Management
  • B Degree / Hons/ MSc / MTech Chemical Engineering / Chemistry
  • B Degree / Hons/ MSc / MTech Biochemistry or Microbiology
  • B Degree / Honours / MSc / MTech Waste Management
  • B Degree / Hons/ MSc / MTech Environmental Health
  • B Degree / Hons/ M Sc/ MA Geography
  • B Degree / ND / Hons / M Sc Environmental Economics
  • MSc Natural Sciences (Biology / Zoology /Botany/ Ecology / Physiology / Applied Chemistry / Biochemistry / Microbiology / Endocrinology / Entomology)
Director de Operaciones (Ref: COO / 01 / 2019)
  • ND/ BSc / Honours / Masters Environmental Science / Environmental Management
  • Bachelor s degree / Honours / Masters/ PhD Environmental Monitoring, Compliance, Enforcement and Control
  • Degree, honours, masters Climate change and sustainability management
  • Honours, masters, PhD Environmental research and development
  • Degree, Honours, Masters, PhD Environmental Engineering
  • Degree, honours, masters Environmental Health
  • Degree Risk Management
  • ND/ Degree Internal Audit
  • Degree Information Management/ Information Systems
  • Post-graduate Public Administration/ Public Management / Governance
Climate Change and Air Quality Management and Sustainbaility Management (Ref: CCAQ /01/2019)
  • BSc / ND Environmental Science
  • BSc / ND Environmental Management
  • ND / B Degree Earth Science
  • ND / B Degree Natural Science
  • ND / B Degree Conservation
  • B Sc Chemistry
  • ND / B Degree Hydrology
Environmental Programmes (Ref: EP/01/2019)
  • BSc (Botany / Zoology / Molecular Biology / Genetics / Microbiology / Biochemistry/ Environmental Science)
  • ND / Degree Forensic Science
  • ND / Degree Industrial and Applied Biotechnology
  • ND / Degree Crop and Horticulture Science
  • B Sc: ConsEcol
  • B Sc: Environmental Science (Biological Resources / Water Resources / People and the Environment / Environmental Economics / Environmental Law
  • ND / BTech: Forestry
  • ND / BTech Nature Conservation
  • Licenciatura en Ciencias Biológicas
  • LLM : Law of contracts / Procedural Law
Legal Authorisations and Enforcement (Ref: LACE/01/2019)
  • LLB (Major courses Administrative law, legislative drafting)
  • LLM
  • B.A Law
  • A Diploma or Degree in Paralegal
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management (majoring in Animal and wildlife management)
  • Licenciado en Química
  • BSc majoring in Geography
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management majoring in Environmental Impact Assessment
  • BSc Chemistry, Botany
Océanos y costas (Ref: OC / 01 / 2019)
  • ND/B Tech/ B Sc Hons/ M Sc/ PhD: Marine Science
  • B Sc Zoology
  • B Sc Environmental Economics
  • B-Tech / M Tech: Oceanography
  • B Sc Environmental Science / Management
  • PhD: Taxonomy (Zooplankton / Phytoplankton)
  • B Sc / B Sc Hons / M Sc / PhD: Marine Remote Sensing
  • B Degree Coastal Management
  • B Degree Town and Regional planning
  • B Degree Social Development Studies

Application form and advert:

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» Descargue el formulario de solicitud [PDF]

Para más información:

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