The DST- NRF Centre of Excellence in Human Development’s MasterXCHARXs, PhD XCHARX Post Doctoral Fellowship funding 2019

Fecha límite de solicitud: 23 November 2018.

The DST- NRF Centre of Excellence in Human Development’s call for applications for bursaries for studies and for fellowships in 2019 has officially opened! Applicants who wish to pursue post-graduate degrees and post-doctoral fellowships with research focused in any of our thematic areas are encouraged to apply. The thematic areas are:

  • Life-course development, which covers the development of individuals from conception to death. Under this category are included multi-disciplinary studies of child, adolescent and adult development.
  • Inter-generational development, which covers the life cycle from one generation to another. Studies of families and inter-generational influences are included in this category.
  • Socioeconomic development, which covers the attainment of improved living conditions, both material and non-material through, amongst others, health, education, social security, food security and decent employment.
  • Transformational development, which covers aspirations and values that influence and are influenced by, amongst others, individual and group identity.

To apply please complete the online form and make sure you have attached the following:

  • Your latest CV
  • Copy of your ID or passport\
  • Academic results of your most recent post-graduate degree
  • Bio-sketch of your supervisor/mentor
  • Letter of support from your supervisor/mentor
  • A one-page research proposal explaining your research and its link to human development

Para más información:

Visit the Official Webpage of the ST- NRF Centre of Excellence in Human Development’s Master’s, PhD & Post Doctoral Fellowship


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