World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program 2019 for Ph.D. students & recent graduates (Fully Funded)

Plazo de solicitud: octubre 5th 2018

  • Ph.D. students and recent graduates from Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly women, are eligible to apply for the Programa de becas para África del Grupo del Banco Mundial
  • Los becarios del Grupo del Banco Mundial pasarán un mínimo de seis meses obteniendo experiencia práctica en la sede del Banco Mundial en Washington DC o en las oficinas en los países
  • Los becarios trabajarán en investigación, política económica, asistencia técnica y operaciones crediticias que contribuyan al objetivo del Banco Mundial de eliminar la pobreza y aumentar la prosperidad compartida.

Lanzado en 2013, the World Bank Group (WBG) Africa Fellowship Program targets young talented African nationals who are completing or recently completed a Ph.D. in an area relevant to the World Bank’s work. The fellowship program has been very successful since its inception, building a strong pipeline of young African talent interested in a career in development, in international institutions, African governments, think tanks, and academia.

The program offers chosen fellows a six-month assignment at World Bank Group (WBG) offices in Washington D.C. or in country offices to gain hands-on experience in the operations of the WBG. This includes knowledge generation and dissemination, design of global and country policies, and the building of institutions to achieve inclusive growth in developing countries. While benefitting from research and innovation in multiple sectors, fellows will also work on research, economic policy, technical assistance, and lending operations that contribute to the World Bank’s goal of eliminating poverty and increasing shared prosperity.

The WBG’s Africa fellows have proven to be valuable resources for their hiring units. They contribute to the work program of their respective units and to the World Bank’s mission. In the process they (i) gain a better understanding of the World Bank’s operations; (ii) access quality data for their research; (iii) interact with and learn from seasoned experts in the field of development.

Criterios de Elegibilidad

  • Be a Sub-Saharan national who are recent Ph.D. graduates, or current doctoral students within a year of completing or graduating from a Ph.D. program in all relevant field of development, including, but not limited to economics, education, health, governance, energy, agriculture, infrastructure, demography.
  • Tener un excelente dominio del inglés, tanto escrito como verbal
  • Be under the age of 32 by the closing of the application period


  • Los becarios pasarán un mínimo de seis meses en las oficinas del Banco Mundial en Washington, DC o en oficinas locales, obteniendo experiencia práctica en el trabajo de desarrollo. Esto incluye la generación y diseminación de conocimiento, el diseño de políticas globales y nacionales, y la construcción de instituciones para lograr un crecimiento inclusivo en los países en desarrollo. Mientras se benefician de la investigación y la innovación en múltiples sectores, los becarios también trabajarán en investigación, política económica, asistencia técnica y operaciones crediticias que contribuyen al objetivo del Banco Mundial de eliminar la pobreza y aumentar la prosperidad compartida.
  • Este año, gracias a la generosa contribución del Departamento para el Desarrollo Internacional del Reino Unido (DFID), hay puestos adicionales de becas 10 con un enfoque especial en el desplazamiento forzado.
  • The 10 selected fellows will work on forced displacement research in the context of operations led by the World Bank Group (WBG) or the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, or the Middle East. For these additional 10 positions, candidates from refugee and internally displaced communities and/or with proven experience on forced displacement will be given a priority. Selected candidates with a strong interest in the area of forced displacement will work on research programs targeting refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and host communities.Fellows will be expected to complete a research project or prepare a research paper to present to staff. High-standard papers may be published internally. Specifically, selected participants will:
    • Obtener una mejor comprensión de la misión y las operaciones del Grupo del Banco Mundial
    • Accede a datos de calidad para su trabajo de investigación
    • Interactuar con expertos experimentados en el campo del desarrollo
    • Contribuir a la misión del Grupo del Banco Mundial

Proceso de selección:

  • Los candidatos seleccionados serán notificados y, una vez aceptados, serán contratados como consultores a corto plazo durante un mínimo de seis meses.
  • Los becarios recibirán honorarios de consultores, viajes aéreos en clase económica de ida y vuelta a Washington, DC o una oficina en el país del GBM en su universidad, y seguro de compensación para trabajadores.

Solicite el Programa de Becas Africa ahora

Para más información:

Visit the Official Webpage of the World Bank Group (WBG) Africa Fellowship Program 2019


  1. Why the age discrimination? there are many barriers to achieving higher education by women is Sub-Saharan Africa. Especially in my country Ghana most women start their PhD after age 30 and on the average, it takes 4 years to finish the PhD work. For this reason a woman who just completed or about completing is not likely to be less than 32 years on the said date. To really encourage women to apply for this position, the age barrier must be removed for women if not for all. I qualify in all sense but for the age, I also have an interesting research on migrants’ in Ghana access and use of health care, which will contribute much to Global health policies.


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